Texas Hold ‘Em (Kinky Friedman) 3*

I thought I would like this book more.  Kinky has a real gift for comic invention, but Texas Hold ‘Em doesn’t deliver in that department.  It is, however, surprisingly soulful.  The sincere bits about his parents and his nanny and how time is the money of love were not what I expected from the singer of “Get your biscuits in the oven and your buns in the bed.”  But then this is a campaign biography.

If I still lived in Texas, I probably would have voted Kinky just for kicks.  He’s hard to categorize politically (in fact, unclear what his politics are if he has any), but he is smarter than he acts, and both George Bush and Molly Ivins liked him.  He’s a uniter, not a divider.

The book is punctuated with little lists of things about Texas, sort of like the quiz questions on my oatmeal packets.  Not too interesting, but one list did mention the San Jacinto monument.  It’s a life-size replica of the Lincoln Memorial with a Washington Monument on top, with a star on top of the obelisk for good measure.  Someday I’ll have to trek out to confirm this monstrosity.


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