Lenny Bruce Is Dead (Jonathan Goldstein) 2*

I’ve wanted to read this for so long because Jonathan Goldstein is my very favorite contributor on This American Life.  His retellings of Bible stories are chocolate chicken nuggets, especially read in his own sardonic voice.  Like, “Every town, no matter how small, has to have a mayor and a village idiot.  In Eden, Eve was the mayor.”

Lenny Bruce starts off like it’ll be good:  Josh thought that bachelorhood would mean he could wear dresses all day, but he never got around to buying any.

But then it’s just sad and funny and ugly and has this broken little problem where paragraphs don’t link up:

He looked at the dental floss floating in the toilet bowl.  It cast a shadow against the bottom.  Things could get as insignificant as that.  It was all a part of God’s master plan.


Chick used to call mucus goojoo.  It was dripping out of him like he was a cracked egg about to lose his yolk.

“I love you, I love you,” he kept saying.

Both of these excerpts are the only things in their section.  It’s that jolty.


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