think by numbers

I’m having trouble inserting graphics and links in comments, so my reply to tejanojim’s post on China’s sovereign wealth fund is here.

China’s $200 billion sovereign wealth fund — it’s not peanuts, but it’s also not enough to buy America.  Apparently the Middle East and Singapore have a lot more liquidity to play with.  I work in the land of money, and the most influential investor I know of, the one that makes executives slobber and quake, is CalPERS, the California public employee retirement fund.  When I saw the chart below, the pension category was where I expected it to be, but I thought private equity would be a lot bigger.

Much more upsetting, which gets no publicity, is the manner in which oil is distributed and managed.  Exxon, BP, & Shell don’t have a lot of oil.  They’re just the biggest players subject to public scrutiny, and they pump a lot more because they are profit-driven and efficiently run (efficient compared to management by the Libyan government).

Holy crap, you have to go a long way down this 2006 list before you come to Exxon.  Get me a windmill, I feel faint.

Also, check out the state’s cut of oil revenues.

Click the charts for their associated articles.  Everything is within a year or two from The Economist.


6 responses to “think by numbers

  1. It’s easy to love your local Big Oil co. when they’re up next to . . . Libya. Not sure if the oil majors actually even produce more than the big state oil co’s, but I don’t have the stats handy.

  2. Very informative. Yet I think essential information has been neglected. See my journal for details.

  3. I don’t know how normal people do it, but to post images in comments I pretend like I’m writing my own new journal post and upload the images, then just cut and paste the link into a comment instead.
    Also, those’re some damned good stats to have at one’s fingertips. Cheers mate.

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