A Civil Campaign (Lois McMaster Bujold) 4*

Adulthood isn’t an award they’ll give you for being a good child. You can waste… years, trying to get someone to give that respect to you, as though it were a sort of promotion or raise in pay.

I’ll be reading this book over and over again because Miles is the one I love so much I suck the marrow down to the fanfic.  Still, this is on that second tier of books where Miles is not the central character.  It’s an ensemble piece, and the main character is modern Barrayar.

Usually I’m pretty relaxed about where to start a series, but for the Miles Vorkosigan books I’d say start with one of the novellas or The Warrior’s Apprentice.  Definitely start somewhere in the first half when Miles is younger, not as late in the series as A Civil Campaign.

30 years have transformed this war-torn planet the way I hope compound interest will transform my retirement savings.  A frightened 5-year-old boy has grown into an insightful Emperor; two confused teenagers have raised four fully formed Koudelka daughters.  Subtitled “A Comedy of Biology and Manners,” A Civil Campaign could only have been set in springtime.


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