Making Money (Terry Pratchett) 4* out of 4

This is my first Discworld book, and it’s not that it’s earthshaking, but it is utterly, utterly charming and impossible to put down.

Maybe I like Moist von Lipwig because he’s a lot like Miles Vorkosigan, i.e., a good-hearted guy possessed of a brilliant criminal mind.

“Do you think I should pray, Igor?” said Moist, watching his face.

“I couldn’t thay.  The Igor position on prayer is that it is nothing more than hope with a beat to it.”

Moist leaned closer and whispered, “Igor, as one Uberwald lad to another, your lisp just departed.”

Igor’s frown grew.  “Thorry, thur, I have a lot on my mind,” he said, rolling his eyes to indicate the nervous Hubert.


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