lazy person’s chocolate lava cake

As a public service announcement, let me just say that if you take a box of brownie mix and dump the batter into a mixing bowl instead of a brownie pan, then bake for the suggested brownie cooking time, what you end up with is a bigass molten-center chocolate lava cake.

I’ve even done this with rice bowls in a toaster oven, but watch out for sudden temperature changes or you’ll crack the bowl.

Never could understand why anyone does lava cake the hard way.

P.S. I’ve also heard (but never tried) that instead of messing around with adding eggs or milk or other cumbersome “real food” to cake mixes, a person can just add a can of soda to a box of mix, and the carbonation will make everything a-okay.  Raspberry cake mix + Sprite = Lemon-raspberry cupcakes, yeah!


7 responses to “lazy person’s chocolate lava cake

  1. This is a truly amazing post. You’ll have to make me one in July.

  2. Drunken posting . . . you’re a woman (frighteningly) close to my heart.

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