Good Things/Bad Things


17 responses to “Good Things/Bad Things

  1. I’m so about mushy pears.
    But borderline crunchy bananas.
    It’s a mystery. Not sure if rational choice theory could identify my mushy pear utility curve.

  2. They still scent those things? yuck. If I wanted it to smell fancy, I’d spray some Old Spice on it.
    As for dry winter skin, if you’re already braving the roaches by having olive oil in your apartment, it’s good on legs as well.

    • In Hong Kong, the sub-labelling is all in Chinese and people have bad taste in everything, so I have a hard time avoiding scented feminine products. It takes me 20 minutes to examine all the packages very carefully.

      • Horrifying. Do you want a care package? Also, regarding women’s shoes, depending on what bugs you there’s probably a “Comfortable” kind that looks presentable and is less offensive than the alternatives. But if you have to wear heels to work and object to joint damage and shortened calf muscles, you’re SOL…

      • Maybe i’m naive, but are there really offices that force women to wear high heels? Dressy shoes, ok, but high heels are torture.

      • I wear Clarks dress shoes, which look like men’s shoes. I’m a big fan. 2 years of workweek wear, and they still look highly presentable!
        It does mean that I have to wear pants all the time, though. Possibly this is not as much of a drawback for you.
        Women’s shoes are on the bad list just because it pisses me off that women actually like their portable torture devices. Also, said women appear taller and thinner than me even if they aren’t. 😡

  3. voodoo economics brings the rage.

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