Weetabix + soymilk + blueberries + honey = food for me

How about a close-up?  Hello, food porn!


6 responses to “weetabix

  1. Oh yeah
    It’s a write your own story! Add to it with replies…
    And she poured the sweet, thick honey into the magnificent feat before her. After all, it was her creation; her own design. Perfection in a bowl and few knew about it. Perhaps if she ran a bed and breakfast in the distant future, she would offer it up on the menu. The wheetabix’s soft crunching interrupted her thoughts as she pressed the spoon into the semi-solid slab. This would be the best by far. She raised a full spoon to her awaiting lips and completely satisfied the instinctual urge calling from inside.

    • Re: Oh yeah
      This might be too hard to follow up…

    • Re: Oh yeah
      Mmmm. I love Weetabix. Pricy stuff, though.
      Crunchy wheaty dryness with dark sweet rich chocolate as contrast, and tangy juicy blueberries bursting through the melange, and honey sealing the sweet sweet deal. Absolute goodness. What next adventure, what next to ponder? This one is all to delightful to bypass.

      • Re: Oh yeah
        One blueberry was surprisingly tart. It had never been like this before. Its juices pricked her taste buds, almost hurting her. Drops of honey only heightened the contrast. She rolled it around in her mouth, experimenting with the feel of this strangely sour berry.
        Curious, she reached for another. It, too, was hard and tart, making her almost wince as its juices shocked her delicate taste buds. It wasn’t the sweet, fragrant fruit she had promised herself, yet she proceeded with bite after bite, strangely addicted to the sharp sensation of being alive.

  2. You should’ve warned your readers that this might not be coffee shop appropriate to open.

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