Ovovore Sundays

I am an artist, and my chosen medium is eggs.

Yesterday I made a nice little omelette with spinach, garlic, and salsa.

Today I sauteed a cut-up jalapeno pepper, a handful of pine nuts, and a large shallot while I cracked and scrambled 3 eggs in a cup with some garlic salt.  When I put them together, they instantly became wonderful savory spicy scrambled eggs.  Mmmmm.

Tomorrow I may make an okra and pine nut frittata.  Eggs, so versatile and satisfying and damned good for you.  My other favorite eggs (in case you want to get me eggs for my birthday) are over medium (with salt and pepper, Tabasco sauce optional), hard-boiled with a soft orange center not the yucky sulphur ring (sprinkled with chili pepper and salt, or oyster sauce), scrambled and dropped into soups, thrown into fried rice as a thickener, scrambled with fillings for toasty warm sandwiches…. The whole thing makes me want to keep hippie chickens.


6 responses to “Ovovore Sundays

  1. You should put the little egg faces on some kind of transfer paper so other people can put them on their own eggs, and then sell it to urban outfitters for lots of money.

    • My eggy aspirations are confined to cookery, not clever little faces. Some internet star did that. Obviously I am a no-talent when it comes to eggshells and sharpies.

      • I am kind of sad that you’re not the drawer of the egg faces, because they’re adorable. I had some hard-boiled eggs this week, but I’m usually not a huge egg person. Garlic, however, is win.

  2. Oh!
    Egg-cuse me, but dont you think that’s a little mean to leave the shell in the pan? I know it must have been an egg-cellent meal, but think of yokes his comrads are cracking at his expense!

  3. sweet. i had been wondering about hippie chickens, thx for the link.

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