A few books floating around the queue

Someday I’m going to read these:

Pride and Prejudice and Zombies.  This must be a fabulous vacation read.

The Yiddish Policeman’s Union.  Can it live up to the awesomeness of The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier and Clay?  Sometimes I have doubts, but hey, Orson Scott Card managed to follow Ender’s Game with Speaker for the Dead.  Before he fell off the Cliffs of Insanity.

The 10-Day MBA.  That sounds about right.

Steal This Plot.  I am in favor of recycling.


8 responses to “A few books floating around the queue

  1. Ouch!
    And . . .I’ve heard good things about #1. And, as far as #3, it’d probably just be easier and more fun to attend 10 cocktail parties, instead, to cover the mat’l.

    • So all you learned in MBA school is how to hold a drink and eat little foods at the same time?

      • While giving a verbal overview of your resume!
        It’s a three-fer.

      • I heard that #1 contains the full text of P&P, and that the zombie bits are all added in to coax teenagers to read the rest of the text. Which sounds like a good plan, but I can’t imagine reading it, personally. #2- don’t know anything about it. #3- just went to a talk at Hay about “what they teach you at Harvard Business School.” It was just this British writer guy who went there and then wanted to reflect on the other-worldlyness of the experience. I’ve learned a million times more than that by arguing with KPA. #4 That’s pretty funny. I’m at this unfortunate place in my reading of fiction, though, where everything seems the same, so I’m not sure if you could sell me on your recycled book. I’m just finishing 100 yrs of solitude, which is probably the 4th or 5th magical realism I’ve taken in, and god, blah, it’s so gimmicky. Allende, Saramago, and Ishiguro spent my delight, then patience for it. I’d put Volver the film right up there for being unique-er in a way, and far more expedient than all these like-named generations of Márquez’s imagination.

      • #1 – I looked at the first 2 pages courtesy of Amazon’s SearchInside(tm) feature, and it’s not the full text plus extra stuff. It’s the original text somewhat mad-libbed so that every reference to class concerns becomes a zombie concern. Looks like a lovely beach read, if I could find the book and a beach.
        #3 – KPA is all social criticism, which is my hobby too, but a girl’s gotta learn some accounting.
        #4 – Dude, you went backwards!!! You’re supposed to start with 100 Years of Solitude, think it’s awesome, and then grumble about how Allende is a Garcia Marquez knock-off. That said, I only made it halfway through Love in the Time of Cholera. For 4 years it’s been on my bookshelf, and the day of judgement will arrive the next time I move house.

      • 1- well that sounds much more interesting
        3- no, I mean the 3d KPA who rants about metrics and capped profits and management structural efficacy and the integrity of spiral-welded water pipelines and bailout-induced contract renegotiation and business ethics. AHAHaaahaha ok, not business ethics.
        4- I know I did, but not until after I did. I can imagine it’d be awesome the right way around, though. Allende IS a knock-off. Saramago can stand on his own two feet, though, and Ishiguro, in The Unconsoled, is a unique dream-like stream of consciousness that adds up to magical realism. They’re still worth reading.

      • There’s a 3D KPA? Whoa.

  2. Godspeed!
    Try to get through one of those books on the plane ride…

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