Pride and Prejudice and Zombies (Seth Grahame-Smith) 2*

A missed opportunity, what a shame!  I read the first few pages wishing I’d thought of this first, and afterward I wished that anybody else had thought of this first.

In the reviews, I’d gotten the impression that Grahame-Smith had brilliantly swapped in zombie slaying as a status indicator.  Lady Catherine, for example, is the mightiest slayer in the land, and Darcy is introduced with envious whispers of “Ten thousand a year and he’s personally laid to rest over a thousand unmentionables!”  It’s clear as day where this book is supposed to go, and it wanders straight into fuckwittage instead.

Jane Austen’s leisured class persists in its leisure with an adorable obstinacy.  Dinner invitations arrive on engraved stationery as long as the twice-daily mail riders aren’t gobbled up by stray dreadfuls.  Mr. Bingley is a member of the Society of Gentlemen for a Peaceful Solution to Our Present Difficulties and sports an exotic French musket.  So far so good — this is the unflappable England that will later answer the Blitz with civilized fortitude.  Just a little ways into the book, however, the social coherence falls apart.  The Bennet sisters are ninja warriors, an unladylike accomplishment which draws the scorn of Miss Bingley even as ninja Darcy presents a katana as a gift for his young sister.

Seriously, Mr. Grahame-Smith, do you remember what you write from one page to the next?  This whole book is squandered potential.  You were on a good sly road describing Elizabeth as “a warrior charged by the Crown to defend Hertfordshire until her death, maiming, or marriage.”  Then you wandered off into some random zombie slapstick and vomiting gags.  And why does Darcy keep making jokes about balls?  That’s so wrong.  *stomps foot and scowls*

Lastly, what’s with the lascivious fanfic onramps?  I see what you’re doing with the throwaway references to Elizabeth’s father and beautiful Orientals, and I don’t like it.


5 responses to “Pride and Prejudice and Zombies (Seth Grahame-Smith) 2*

  1. i read a review of this one, and it kind of smelled off to me. i can wholeheartedly recommend World War Z, if you don’t mind reading another book about zombies.

  2. pew pew
    If only I had my Playstaion 3 here… I’d fire up some Resident Evil right now.

  3. You should copy Leslie and feed your posts to FB.

  4. If you’re in the mood for P&P style + supernatural shit, try “Sorcery and Cecelia.” It’s definitely YA, but well-written (so far) and the kind of book I’d be psyched about my 12-year-old reading if I had a 12-year-old. As it is, my inner 12-year-old is psyched and the rest of me likes it as well.

    • Thanks for the rec, but my inner 12-year-old read Sorcery and Cecilia 3 years before your inner 12-year-old even got halfway through. 😀 That book was a total win.

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