partial eclipse of the sun

Today, I saw 69% of an eclipse.  Finding protective eye gear was a total fail.  Instead, we used a digital camera to track the moon’s progress (via the LCD display, not the viewfinder).  Fortunately, a nice fat cloud passed over the moon/sun combo near the peak, so we got a direct look.

The sun looks very small.

What I want is a total eclipse — when the sun slams shut and the whole world goes dark, and the grasses are silver and your friends might be dead.  To witness one, Wikipedia says that all I have to do is show up.  These particular miracles are stage-managed down to the last second.  Unfortunately, life on the surface is more difficult to forecast than passing rain.  On July 11, 2010 at 7:34pm GMT, the eclipse will be at the south end of Chile and Argentina, but where will I be?

Total Eclipse Tour Schedule

July 11, 2010 Chile and Argentina.
November 13, 2012 Australia and New Zealand — summer in the Southern Hemisphere!
November 3, 2013 Congo, Uganda, Kenya, Ethiopia.  Will any of these countries not suck in the next 4 years?
March 20, 2015 North Pole — really too damn hard.
August 21, 2017 United States.  Better not miss this one, even though it only passes through flyover country.
July 2, 2019 Chile and Argentina again.  Sure hope I have a house by 2019.
December 14, 2020 Chile and Argentina again?  Perhaps the eclipse has a soulmate.
December 4, 2021 Antarctica, hmmmm.
April 20, 2023 Indonesia, Australia, Papua New Guinea.  Maybe I’ll have 2 houses?  I’m migratory.
April 8, 2024 Mexico, central US, eastern Canada.  Totality will be visible from Austin!
August 12, 2026 Greenland, Iceland, Spain.  How melty will Greenland be?
August 2, 2027 Morocco, Spain, Egypt.  Will I still rock the casbah when I’m nearing 50?
July 22, 2028 Australia and New Zealand.  Will I still have all my teeth?
November 25, 2030 Botswana, South Africa, Australia.  Will there be a cure for AIDS yet?
November 14, 2031 Panama and the Pacific.
March 30, 2033 Eastern Russia and Alaska.  I hope we aren’t in nuclear winter by then.
March 20, 2034 Egypt, Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan, India, China.  Will the hipsters all backpack in Iran and be annoying about how Persia really “opened their minds”?
September 2, 2035 China, Korea, Japan.
July 13, 2037 Australia and New Zealand.  Will they be remaking the LOTR movies?
December 26, 2038 Australia and New Zealand again.
December 15, 2039 Antarctica.
April 30, 2041 Angola, Congo, Uganda, Kenya, Somalia.  By 2041, will there be a fancy lakeside resort in the Congo for my retired self?  I sure hope so.
April 20, 2042 Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines.
April 9, 2043 Northeastern Russia.
August 23, 2044 Greenland, northern Canada, Montana, and North Dakota.  I hope I’m not decrepit.
August 12, 2045 Southern United States, Brazil, Venezuela.
August 2, 2046 Brazil, Botswana, South Africa.  Will we have reached Mars yet?
December 5, 2048 Chile, Argentina, Namibia, Botswana.  Dick Cheney better be dead.
November 25, 2049 Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Malaysia, Indonesia.
March 30, 2052 United States and Mexico.  Earth will be 4.5×10^9 years old, and I will have had my threescore and ten.  Hemlock time?
September 12, 2053 Morocco, Tunisia, Egypt, Indonesia.  Hold the hemlock, I have to rock the casbah!
January 5, 2057 Atlantic and Indian oceans.  Not really worth staying alive for.  Better organize my papers.
December 26, 2057 Antarctica, hmmmm.

11 responses to “partial eclipse of the sun

  1. Photos
    I’ll send you some photos to put up here.

    • Re: Photos
      I suspect Dick Cheney is already dead. He’s too much the character from the creepy stories who acts all normal but just seems a bit off and then you find out he’s a vampire/demon/whatever. Let me know if you decide to go down under in 2013 and want a backpack buddy.

      • Re: Photos
        Wiki is wrong (gasp!)… says 2012 will only be visible from land at Cairns, Australia. Some really helpful nerds made a nice Google map set tracking all the eclipses we might ever see:
        Eclipse Chasers also says:
        The prophesies of Nostradamus and the Mayan astronomers have been used to point to an end of the world in 2012 at the Winter Solstice. The eclipse occurs just over a month before the Solstice and there may be many that believe it represents the end of the world. Whether they really believe the end is coming or not, several parties are already scheduled to be going on in the Cairns Australia region with the eclipse as the kick off. And when you consider the geographic location where these prophesies were made, perhaps it is not too bad an idea to be on the other side of the planet from where they originated.

      • Re: Photos
        I’ve been planning on 2017 for years.

      • Re: Photos
        Dr. Sage, I’ll see you in 2017, insha’allah. Silver Falls State Park in Sublimity, Oregon.

      • Re: Photos
        I dunno… Oregon is somewhat more likely than Nebraska to be cloudy. I’ve never been to Nebraska!

      • Re: Photos
        Nebraska??! I’ll meet you halfway and say Idaho Falls. I hear it’s pretty and you know I love hot potato products.

      • Re: Photos
        My name is Leslie Sage, and I approve this message.

  2. I’m late to e-landia, but this post nearly caused a total eclipse of the heart.
    In of course, the most platonic literary sense possible.
    P.S. Also, I never knew the lyrics were actually, “We’re living in a powder keg and giving off sparks.” This will undoubtedly become important knowledge some boozy night in the future.

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