treehouses and beer bottles

I want one of these houses, but they are only for poor people.  $300 a month?!!! Can I please be poor?

After some poking around, I have determined that in addition to building gorgeous, recycled, non-kitsch houses out of corks and bottle caps, the guy behind Pheonix Commotion:

– incorporates efficiency goodies like on-demand hot water heaters
– has a 6-person construction crew whom he hires as minimum-wage workers, trains, and sends onward to higher-paying jobs at other companies
– has a doctorate in dance
– gives lectures that indicate some serious theoretical work on consumerism and use
– has charming, informative, and highly grammatical monographs as free PDF files (on topics such as how to lay tile, frame a house, wash dishes, or take a shower)
– has put together financing, owner participation, and charitable support to create 7-year mortgages of $300/month
– has a daughter (patent attorney in Chicago) and a son (F-16 fighter pilot)
– is an upstanding human being (one of those useless liberal arts majors)

Is it Texas?  In the Northwest these houses would be for trust-fund hippies.  In the Southwest it’d be an artist colony.  In New York it just wouldn’t be.  In Texas, however, people are equally likely to declare, "I am the messiah–join my cult" or "I guess I’ll just have to fix low-income housing myself." 

Photos: treehouse, bottle-bottom door, wood-burning stove, cattle bones (a renewable resource in Texas)


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