Dreamsongs II (George R.R. Martin) 3*

As much as I wish George would stop putzing around with other stories and get on with it, I do have to admit that his various byproducts are enjoyable.  Dreamsongs II contains:

  • Two stories of Haviland Tuf, very fun.  I will have to read Tuf Voyaging, which collects the linked stories in I, Robot style.
  • Two screenplays, one for The Twilight Zone and one for a sadly aborted series called Doorways, which could have been Heroes-sized if the universe had stepped left.
  • Some Wild Cards stuff that I skipped over.
  • “The Skin Trade,” a diverting story for people who like detectives and mysteries.  Apparently it was very well received on the awards panels, though I feel something is slightly lacking in the hot female detective.  We’re just told that she’s hot.
  • “The Hedge Knight,” which everyone has probably read two or three times already while gnawing their hands waiting for the next Ice and Fire book to come out.
  • “Portraits of His Children,” a creepy magic realism story that could have been written by Orson Scott Card at the top of his game.  Seriously, this one would fit perfectly inside The Changed Man.  I’m experiencing cognitive dissonance and will probably end up mis-crediting this story.  For one thing, since when does Georgesong come up with good titles?

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