Baroque Cycle (Neal Stephenson) 3.5*

Very large and chewy.  I’m two-thirds of the way through these books and have paused to digest.  There’s a lot to digest.  Neal Stephenson has gotten more coherent with age, but his scope just gets bigger and bigger.  These are 8 books collected in 3 mega-books.


1. Quicksilver: Isaac Newton! Alchemy! The scientific method! A boring guy called Daniel Waterhouse!
2. King of the Vagabonds: JACK SHAFTOE!!! Awesomeness!  (Read my review)
3. Odalisque: We’re all pen pals! Cryptography! Spies! Finance!

The Confusion (“Confusion” refers to an obsolete pun about how things have been conned and fused.)

4. Bonanza: Pirates! Pirates! Pirates!
5. The Juncto: Complex financial maneuvers! Clever women! Aristocracy!

The System of the World

6-9. To be read! Later!


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