Down and Out in the Magic Kingdom (Cory Doctorow) 3*

Entertaining for its worldbuilding, otherwise lightweight.  In the future, we’ve conquered death and scarcity, so the only currency is Whuffie.  Whuffie is respect.  If you have average Whuffie, you live in an average bungalow.  If people think you are worthless, you sleep in a pod and eat protein nuggets.  Whuffie-rich folks like Cory Doctorow have capes and flying palaces or something.

People do daily or weekly backups so they can always be restored to a clone.  Some people die and restore dozens of times a year.  Some people get 6 Ph.D.s because they’ve got the time.  Most people are kind of bored.

The e-book is free, btw.


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