Terry Pratchett Hitlist

Here they are, in order of publication.  So far the trendline shows that Pratchett gets better as he gets older, which is always nice to see.

1 The Colour of Magic 1983 Rincewind
2 The Light Fantastic 1986 Rincewind
3 Equal Rites 1987 The Witches, The Wizards Excellent.
4 Mort 1987 Death Boring.
5 Sourcery 1988 Rincewind, The Wizards
6 Wyrd Sisters 1988 The Witches Pretty boring with random references to Macbeth.
7 Pyramids 1989 Miscellaneous (Djelibeybi)
8 Guards! Guards! 1989 The City Watch Meh.
9 Faust Eric 1990 Rincewind
10 Moving Pictures 1990 Miscellaneous (Holy Wood), The Wizards
11 Reaper Man 1991 Death, The Wizards The Death books appear to suck.
12 Witches Abroad 1991 The Witches
13 Small Gods 1992 Miscellaneous (Omnia), The History Monks Pretty boring but readable.  Completely unrelated to everything else.
14 Lords and Ladies 1992 The Witches, The Wizards I started it two days ago and can’t recall what it’s about, therefore it probably sucks.
15 Men at Arms 1993 The City Watch
16 Soul Music 1994 Death, Susan Sto Helit, The Wizards
17 Interesting Times 1994 Rincewind, The Wizards
18 Maskerade 1995 The Witches
19 Feet of Clay 1996 The City Watch
20 Hogfather 1996 Death, Susan Sto Helit, The Wizards
21 Jingo 1997 The City Watch
22 The Last Continent 1998 Rincewind, The Wizards
23 Carpe Jugulum 1998 The Witches
24 The Fifth Elephant 1999 The City Watch Sam Vimes in Uberwald, diplomacy ensues.
25 The Truth 2000 The Ankh-Morpork Times, The City Watch Fun!
26 Thief of Time 2001 Death, Susan Sto Helit, The History Monks, The Witches
27 The Last Hero 2001 Rincewind, The Wizards, The City Watch
28 The Amazing Maurice and his Educated Rodents 2001 Miscellaneous (Überwald) Hooray!
29 Night Watch 2002 The City Watch, The History Monks Has lots of Veterinari but otherwise a bit meh.
30 The Wee Free Men 2003 Tiffany Aching Tiffany may be the best YA hero ever.
31 Monstrous Regiment 2003 Miscellaneous (Borogravia), The City Watch, The Times Charming little romp about girls in the army.
32 A Hat Full of Sky 2004 Tiffany Aching, The Witches Not as good as The Wee Free Men, but what is?
33 Going Postal 2004 Moist von Lipwig A fine piece of Ankh-Morpork
34 Thud! 2005 The City Watch
35 Wintersmith 2006 Tiffany Aching, The Witches Lovely. Tiff is growing up!
36 Making Money 2007 Moist von Lipwig The first Discworld book that I really liked, and possibly still my favorite.
37 Unseen Academicals 2009 The Wizards, Rincewind  Charming.
38 I Shall Wear Midnight 2010 Tiffany Aching  Wonderful.

These are, obviously, just my opinions.  Feel free to go crazy in the comments!

Update:  Terry Pratchett says, “I now think that Nation was my best, but Nation is in fact not a Discworld book, which surprised a lot of people.” (See video at 5:55.)  I agree that Nation is wonderful!  See my review here.


6 responses to “Terry Pratchett Hitlist

  1. I also heart tiffany aching

  2. I read #9 (/Faust) Eric recently…
    …while in the UK and staying with a friend who adores Terry Prachett. That was the one he gave me to ‘start’ me on Discworld. It was a quick read, some funny bits but not terribly memorable, too sequelish for a starter read, and a letdown after all the Terry Prachett gushing. From your list, I’m gathering you would have chosen a different starter. 30? 36? I’m open to trying again.

    • Re: I read #9 (/Faust) Eric recently…
      I’d go with #36. #30 is equally fabulous, but it’s barely set in Discworld at all–Pratchett sort of carved out a bit of “Discworld somewhere far away from Ankh-Morpork” and made it look exactly like the Chalk country of England, complete with a Chalk Horse.

  3. Agreed on Wyrd Sisters; I started with it and immediately wrote Pratchett off as worth reading only if I’m feeling too dumb to process a fashion magazine. Turns out pretty much all his others are better. The Night Watch books have some interesting bits but a good chunk of my enjoyment is based on laughing like a crazy person when reading them on metro. You’ve read Good Omens, right?

    • It seems like a lot of people like the Watch and Death books. I can see how, if I were a person who had enjoyed a mystery book ever, I might like the Watch books too.
      Death is so charming in cameo but utterly horrible in monograph.
      Good Omens was fun. Full of laugh-like-a-crazy-person bits, though I don’t think the book as a whole comes together as well as, say, Making Money or Anansi Boys.

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