Rework (Jason Fried & David Hansson) 5*

A splash-in-the-face primer on how to start (or run) a business.

As the witches might say, Fried and Hansson have First Sight.  They look around and say sensible things like:

  • if you bring in investors, you will lose control of your company
  • build the smallest product that can be sold, then leverage up to meet your master plan
  • meetings are mostly useless
  • having people in different time zones lets you work uninterrupted for most of the day
  • your estimates suck so don’t plan around them
  • press releases are spam — pitch to individual journalists
  • stop putting ASAP at the end of everything, wanker [wanker added for emphasis]

I think my favorite is “your customers are probably wrong,” where they quote Henry Ford saying, “If I’d listened to my customers, I’d have given them a faster horse.”

A very quick read, and worth re-reading from time to time.


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