Locke & Key 2: Head Games (Joe Hill) 5*

giant key ghost key head key anywhere key shadow key echo key gender key healing key

I’ve already enumerated the reasons why this series is just so good.  The story gets even juicier (!) now that Lucas is on the scene.  Who’d have thought that we’d one day look back with nostalgia on the days when Sam Lesser was the worst that could happen.

In addition to being wickedly wicked, Joe Hill is wickedly funny.  At one point, a supernatural evil creature asks for computer help to send “one of those, what are they? I-mails?”

Everything else I have to say involves non-specific spoilers which probably don’t spoil things, but also probably don’t make sense.

I especially enjoyed the peek into Lucas’s domestic life at Ellie Whedon’s house, and this book finally introduces Ellie’s son.  Speaking of which, the last bit of the book is entirely backstory on Ellie Whedon, and it’s kind of awesome.  I love the sepia coloring, and I just feel so sorry for Ellie Whedon.  Whatever happened 25 years ago, Rendell moved on and had a good life, but Ellie just got stuck.

I shuddered when Dodge climbed inside her ear.

In the main story, Bode wanders around the house trying to fit the Head Key into different locks, and on closer inspection, those doors look interesting.  I actually went back and scrutinized these pages again after reading all the available books.  This house is so full of treasures and traps… Is the grandfather clock a keyhole or a giant key?  Maybe it’s merely decorative, wahahaha?  Only sequels will tell!

Meanwhile, Kinsey leaves her fear and sorrow behind.  It’s a welcome change, though it’s also a little creepy.  Now she’s so unflappable she might as well be a pothead whose really fast on her feet.

Duncan starts to remember something about a cave…

Tyler gets into a stupid romance, as does Kinsey.  Y’all are gonna regret this.


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